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VIP Experiences Services

Here's how we help...

1) We will help you design one or more VIP Experience Packages** for any/all shows on your tour. Popular VIP Items include...
  • Private VIP band Meet & Greet.
  • Souvenir "Goodie Bag" with items like drum sticks, guitar picks, signed photos, and signed set lists.
  • Brief Q&A session with the band.
  • Autographed guitar/bass.
  • Autographed drum head.
  • On stage song dedication during the show.
  • Sound check party.
  • Private VIP acoustic set.
** Many bands use Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond as VIP levels.
2) We will help you set up a price structure** for your VIP Experience Packages.
  • We will discuss with you what VIP Experiences Packages you want to offer and the contents of each package.
  • We will make recommendations for price ranges based on what other bands charge for similar packages.
  • We will assist you in setting maximum VIP Experience Package quantities for your shows.
** You can establish differing prices on a per show basis if desired.
3) We will build and maintain a custom designed web page** to sell your VIP Experience Packages.
  • We provide you with a custom link to your VIP Experience Packages sales page.
  • We process all payments.
  • Immediately upon payment we email the VIP a receipt with information on what their VIP Experience Package includes.
  • We will maintain a password protected on line list of all VIPs, highlighting the VIP list for the current show. The ID and PW will be provided to you and your tour manager/VIP admin.
  • We email a copy of each VIP sale to your tour manager/VIP admin immediately upon VIP payment.
  • We maintain inventory for all VIP Experience Packages and notify your tour manager/VIP contact if quantities get low.
** We work with you to incorporate your band pictures and logo into your VIP site.
4) We will submit all VIP revenue to you within 24 hours of each show.
  • We will assist you in setting up a business PayPal account to accept your VIP revenue.
  • We will work with you to establish a fee structure** for us providing your VIP services..
  • We will will not draw our fee until we have transferred all net VIP revenue to you for any show.
  • Quarterly, and at any time upon request, we will forward to you a complete reconciliation of all VIP revenue.
** Most of our clients use a $ per VIP or a percent of sales structure.
5) We will consult with you to build your VIP program at no cost.
  • Our consultations are free and come with no obligations what so ever.
  • You NEVER send us money. You NEVER take money out of your pocket to pay for our services.
  • We only get paid AFTER you get paid.
  • There are no up front fees, set up fees, or obligations of any sort other than the agreed upon fee for each VIP sale.
Please Contact Us today so we can get started providing VIP Experience Packages for your band.
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