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All About VIP Experiences

The story of how we got started

First off, everyone here is a avid music fan. Between us, we enjoy all kinds of music (a wise man once told us "There is no such this as good music or bad music, there is only music I like and music I don't like"). Sadly that man has since passed but he was spot on with that quote.
After pondering our options and realizing that none of us had any talent at all as far as music goes, we started gathering ideas on how we could be involved with the industry. Writing music, playing music, and singing were all out, but we had some creative programmers and graphic artists. Ding the bell rang and the light flashed!
Not long after that we decided to start VIP Experiences as a way to help performers reach their fan base and offer them unique personal VIP interactions.
Time is one of the scarcest and most precious commodities to a performer. Our services take care of all the logistics of creating VIP Experience packages tailored to your (and your fan's) needs. We set up and control inventory, process payments, create your VIP lists, and forward payment to you. We charge either a set dollar amount per VIP or a percent of the VIP revenue, whichever works out best for you and we never get paid unless you get paid. All you have to do is print out the VIP list, show up to meet the fans.
Ken Brown Backstage
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